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NewStar Sonny 4 Target [Updated-2022]




Target claims data breach cost insurer up to $74 million in 2013. (2/24/2015). New York law firms that serve as insurance brokers for major corporations -- often for years at a time -- routinely receive fraudulent claims and submit them to insurers for payment. Insurance companies, however, do not always consider these claims to be fraudulent. (2/26/2015). Pennsylvania insurance companies are being charged with consumer fraud for charging consumers for insurance they never received. Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane claims insurance companies targeted consumers by charging them for bogus insurance. Kane says insurance companies charged consumers $100 to $200 per household to insure more than $50,000 in damage. (2/28/2015). Some courts say there is no fraud when an insurance company denies a claim that it knows is fraudulent. California’s Fourth District Court of Appeal, however, has ruled otherwise. The Court said there is “insurance fraud” when an insurer knowingly approves a claim knowing that a portion of the claim is fraudulent. (2/28/2015). An Indiana state court has ruled that an insurer is not liable for fraudulent claims submitted to the insurer by a claims-clearinghouse company. (2/27/2015). An Indiana state court has held that an insurer is not liable for fraudulent claims submitted to the insurer by a claims-clearinghouse company. (2/28/2015). Four insurance companies have settled claims that they had been issuing duplicate policies to consumers for years. (2/27/2015). Two insurance companies that insure car dealerships in Kentucky have agreed to pay $20.4 million to settle alleged overpayments to consumers. (2/27/2015). New York’s attorney general has reached a $10 million settlement with the insurance industry on claims by consumers that they had been issued duplicates insurance. (2/27/2015). A federal judge has ruled that the insurance industry can no longer fraudulently bill consumers for duplicates insurance that they never received. (2/27/2015). Over a six-year period, 42 Florida insurance companies issued fraudulent duplicate insurance to nearly 20,000 consumers. (2/27/2015). An Oklahoma insurance company has agreed to pay $2.2 million to compensate consumers for duplicate insurance policies.



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NewStar Sonny 4 Target [Updated-2022]

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