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Yoroshiku, New Apartment! Good Bye AP House.

Writer: Nadhira Asiyah Arrin Photographer: Reinardus Darren

It’s that time of the year again, the season of moving out! Feeling confused first about what to decide for your apartment, where to go then, and how the process of moving will be? Don’t worry, we’re here to help those of you who are looking for a new apartment to live. Here are some steps for you to get your finest apartment.

1. First of all, let’s find a roommate! This is one of a crucial decision since they will be the most often people you meet during your campus life. There might be some clashes or unexpected problem you might face at a certain point. So, pick the most comfort friend to live with and certainly manage your apartment plan with them too! However, living alone is also fine since you become able to maintain anything by yourself to raise responsibility and any other reasons.

2. Next, decide the location. There are a variety of areas to live in Beppu. Probably, Mochigahama becomes the most preferable when it comes to its shops or restaurant choices and the central city usually known there. Kamegawa absolutely the best choice for those who want to live alone and near to campus. You might consider Minamisuga since it is located near Beppu Kotsu Centre means you can catch any bus to campus without any worries.  

3. There are several types of house, they are usually written like for instance, 2 LDK. L means the living room, D signs dining room, and K here is a kitchen. 2 LDK is beside you have 2 room in your house, it also has a living, dining room, and kitchen as well.

4. Some of the room-sized also measured by tatami standard which is 910 mm x 1.820 mm.

5. In APU, we have some places where we can look for our home choices. Either visit any real estate in Beppu and contact anyone who offers their house through mini share are good ways to pick up your choice.

6. There are many real estates in Beppu. The most famous one is Betsudai Kohsan and family home. For Betsudai Kohasan, they have two branches near JP post office and Beppu station.

7. Once you arrived there, they will ask your preferences and provide you some choices based on your description. For example, you might ask them for a 2LDK house located near the bus stop and preferably around Mochigahama. They will print some brochures complete with its price, facilities, and photos.

8. After you choose the favorable house or apartment, they will bring you over to the place. Such an exciting ride, isn’t it?

9. It is the time for you to look down everything you want to figure out about your prospective home. Try to look at everything thoughtfully and do not hesitate to ask anything to the staff!

10. If you have clicked on it, you allow to go ahead for signing contract and finish all of the administration, for instance, guarantor. As an APU student, we can ask Creotech as our guarantor and many other documents to finish.

11. Finally, the only thing you need is to follow every direction given by the real estate and manage any subject matter to your moving out. If you look for any service to bring out your stuff to your new house, you might contact any transport services.

12. Do not forget to buy any furniture or home utensils, you can get it either from mini share, or any nearest shops!

Now you know what to do, say goodbye to AP House and hope you enjoy your new life in downtown!

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