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Tips for Making It Through the Winter

Updated: May 8, 2020

Writer: Carina Audrey Budiarto | Illustrator: Carina Audrey Budirato & Safira Marini W

Winter is coming folks! Get ready to face that cold cold weather, both the good and bad of this season. For those who are not used to or have never had to face winter, this could be a confusing time. So... We’ve compiled a couple of useful tips that may help you in this season!

Craving carbs?

With chilly weather, cravings for carbohydrate packed foods get stronger. This also goes for comfort foods! After you eat them, your serotonin levels get higher and your brain gets happier. But, if you indulge them, then your craving for carbs will just get stronger and stronger. Eat protein-packed breakfast to fight those cravings! They will give you more energy to keep you going for the rest of the day. If you get cravings, then make sure to ready yourself with low-fat snacks. But the best way to counter your carbs craves is to find some other way to raise your brain’s serotonin levels!

Layers, layers, layers!

Layers of loose-fitting clothes can help trap your body’s natural heat. Which is your number one friend when you are outdoors. On the most inner layer, wear clothing with materials that insulate heat, and on the outside, wear layers that are resistant to water and the wind. When you are throwing snowballs at your friends, wear four layers (or more) of clothing to trap that body heat and get yourself warm! Do not forget to wear hats, earmuffs, scarfs, and use waterproof boots to make sure your feet stay warm and dry.

No fires!

Fires are one of the biggest hazards during the winter season! All everyone wants to do is to bundle up and just relax in front of their heaters, avoiding the chill right outside their doorsteps. So, let’s make sure our house does not burn down while we’re at it. When you first open it up, do not throw away the instructions! Make sure to read them (or get someone to help) to ensure that you make no mistake when you’re using it. Then, place the heater on a level flat surface and check that no flammable items are near it. Lastly, always plug it directly to a wall outlet. Do not use a cord extension, it increases the risk of overheating and causing a fire!

Static shocks?

Static shocks are probably one of the biggest inconveniences that we all have to go through in the chilly seasons. So what are static shocks? Static shocks are caused by static electricity, which is the build-up electric charge on the surface of objects. When one object has a positive charge, and one has a negative charge, well that’s when a static shock happens! So how do you avoid it? Well, moisture is the enemy of static shock. Moisturizing your skin is one of the simplest solutions to avoid being shocked whenever you touch an object. Or you could try to change your wardrobe. Wool sweaters are very warm but they easily build up static charges. Cotton clothes are your best friend to avoid shocks. Wearing leather-soled shoes can also help!

Don’t use alcohol to warm your body!

In simple terms, alcohol makes your blood rush to the surface of your skin, which makes you feel warm and also gives you a red flush. When the blood gets to the surface, it rapidly cools because of the chill in the air. Also, the warmth caused by the blood on the surface of the skin will make someone sweat, and sweating is the body’s response to cool down the body’s inner core temperature. Your body could be going through hypothermia because of the rapid drop in temperature and you would not even realize!

We hope these tips can help you have a fun and safe winter! Tis’ a magical season so let’s all have one that we can enjoy. Let’s all stay cozy, warm, and don’t forget to have fun in this chilly weather!

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