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Writer: Gabriella Risti Ayu | Illustrator: Carina Audrey Budiarto | Editor: Athaya Hardono | Photographer: Reinardus Darren

Another month, another edition of ‘What’s Happening in Beppu?’ February and March review! The small city of Beppu has an enormous amount of interesting information that most people might have not yet discovered into. This month's recommendation will cover out the recent APU INA’s community achievement, events, Beppu’s scrumptious restaurants and easy-to-find Spring edition snacks!


Savina Wahyu Diana

APU offers varieties of student activities that help with both global expansion and their students' growth. One of the activities that Savina has experienced is a two-week tourism and ceramic sales internship. Savina is one of the four students of APU who got the chance to travel to Arita to pursue two-week tourism and ceramic sales internship. She is a second year APU student from Indonesia who completed this substantial internship at Arita where it is famous for its porcelain ware. This activity supports the development of human resources and community progression across the Asia Pacific Region.



College years have finally come to an end! A moment where all 4th year students gathered around, memorizing their astonishing achievements in their last journey of the university years. On the 19th of March, APU conducted their Spring Graduation Ceremony. Despite the on-going pandemic situation, the ceremony was held both offline in APU’s millenium hall and online via Zoom and Facebook live stream. Each college’s (APS and APM) ceremony was separated due to the maximum capacity of the hall in alignment with the Covid-19 health protocols. This one of the important milestones was held smoothly inplace and had put an endless happiness to each face of the graduates. A gate to a whole new chapter in life has opened for our future endeavours! Congratulations Class of 2021!


Yume Wo Katare

One of the most famous ramen restaurants in Japan! Yume Wo Katare established in 2012 and had their first store in Kyoto as it eventually expanded its network to Massachuset in 2013. The owner, Tsuyoshi Nishioka, returned to Japan and opened up another store in Beppu in 2018. In Japanese, Yume Wo Katare means ‘Speak Your Dreams’. According to its name, this restaurant is famous for their interesting concept of encouraging their customers to share their dreams and aspirations after finishing their meal. Aside from their unique service concept, this restaurant only serves one menu of ramen which only vary in size; regular or large. The ramen broth is made from tonkotsu and shoyu based broth making it rich in flavour. Planning on visit? Note down the address and opening hours below!

Address: 10 Chome-2-46 Ishigakihigashi, Beppu, Oita 874-0919, Japan

Opening Hours: Wednesday- Saturday

4:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Bus Stop: Minamisuga Iriguchi (50 line), Musumeda (51 line)


Amamichaya is a Japanese style tea house that serves varieties of local dishes and sweets. Some of their famous dishes include Yaseuma (Oita’s local hand-rolled dumpling) , Dango Soup (Flat noodle soup with chicken and veggies), and Toriten (Japanese style fried chicken). All of their ingredients are naturally grown in their own field making this restaurant a worth to try. Their meals are relatively cheap so it is a perfect place for you to experience a high quality of Japanese food dine-out. Amamichaya is built with a concept of Japanese traditional house along with a dainty yet relaxing backyard. No wonder it is one of many busy restaurants in Beppu in which the locals and tourists would stop by into. Interested in visiting? Note down the address and opening hours below!

Address: 1-4 Jissoji, Beppu Oita Prefecture

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday

10:00 AM - 09:00 PM

Spring snack editions

Spring is Japan’s most favourite season as the cherry blossoms are starting to adorn most cities in Japan. The beautiful blooming season of Sakura has inspired many food and beverage brands in Japan to come up with some unique seasonal snacks. Some of them are the Sakura Tea Latte from Lipton and vast varieties of Kit Kat flavours. All of those drinks and snacks can be easily found in the nearest convenient stores across Beppu. Don’t forget to buy these seasonal snacks to accompany your Hanami experience!

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