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Treasure Hunting in Thrift Stores

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

Writer: Nadhira Asiyah Arrin Photographer: Reinardus Darren

As a student, we need to manage our money as efficiently as we can. One of the ways to look aesthetically pleasing while still going easy on your budget is to hunt for treasures amongst others' trashes, especially because most of it was never trash to start with – thrifting. Beppu may be deemed as a small city with nothing inside of it, but actually, there are a lot of places worth visiting, one of them being thrift-shops. So, here’s a guide to some of our favorite thrift stores located in Beppu:

1. STYLE Located in Harukigawa, this thrift store is accessible from literally everywhere in Beppu. Style is not a place filled with crinkled articles of clothing hung randomly on racks. In fact, these clothing are thoroughly prepared before being sold publicly. Despite known as preloved items, every selling goods are firstly washed in the laundry and ironed beforehand. Some of these clothing pieces are even sold for 300 yen. In this store, you can enjoy buying high-quality stuff at an affordable price. This shop sells everything a person needs in their wardrobes and they do sell pieces of clothing from popular brands such as Supreme, Stussy, and many more. This place is our go-to place to buy cool and comfy shirts.

2. WEST COAST West coast is another thrift shop that offers you hundreds of clothing for you to bring home. They are absolutely easy to find as the store is located in Mochigahama – the heart of Beppu. Their products may not be as trendy as the ones sold at Style, but the touch of vintage in their stuff is what attracts a lot of people. Their items are generally cheaper when compared to other thrift-shops, so be warned if you wait too long, the precious vintage coat you’ve had your eyes on will get snapped up!

3. HARD-OFF Located in Kannawa and close to B-Con Plaza, this place has also made it to our recommendation list. Similar to what the other thrift shops sell, they offer you a great variety of wearable stuff, such as shirts, jackets, coats, accessories, and so much more. What’s interesting is that a lot of their goods are sold for only 500 yen! Aside from clothing, Hard-off also includes heaters, stove, and even rice cooker in their products. What a steal!

4. 2NDSTREET All of us want to still look classy while still being on a budget. Behold! 2nd Street is coming to Beppu on the 12th of April 2019. This soon-to-be-opened thrift store is just a stone’s throw from Kyomachi bus stop. The store offers you a great variety of preloved branded products, such as Louis Vuitton, Coach, and other luxurious brands.

These are our recommendations and we hope that you will be able to come across a one-of-a-kind gem while rummaging through their amazing arrays of clothing. Let yourselves get lost in between the racks of clothing, where so much joy awaits.

Happy thrifting!

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