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Writer: Edsel Pragiwaka Adristi | Illustrator: Kinar Nisa

Online class for some of you might be a new thing. Therefore the experience from living a normal day-to-day in class situation into an online class where you are basically stuck in one room just having you and your laptop in front of you might feel really rough. You would get bored, tired, and straight out drained emotionally for attending countless amounts of class behind the same desk. Some people have referred to this as “Zoom Fatigue” which emerged not long after people started to implement the online class program. Now we have provided some tips and tricks that you can apply in your every class starting from now on that might help you overcame these situations.

1. Prepare your studying space properly

The first one is to get your studying space correctly such as stashing away unnecessary stuff, make some spaces, adjusting the air conditioner, etc. Because you’ll spend 90% of your class time locked in front of a computer, it is really important to set the right “mood” before you even start studying. For you who are in Japan especially Beppu, it is a pretty good idea to turn on your AC since how hot Japan is during the last few weeks while entering summer. But, turning on your AC might take a toll on your electricity bill in that case you might want to make your studying space as well ventilated as you can, like studying in the living room or maybe opening your windows. It really helps to vent in some fresh air while studying.

2. Consume nutritional food 

Before the start of the class, it is better to consume some food to hold back some of the fatigue that might be occurring during a lesson or two. Since these online classes breakfast become more important than before, and that is exactly what we would recommend. If breakfast is not really your thing then bringing some consumable would help at least fill a little bit before class ends. Never join a class with an empty stomach because it won’t help you focus on the class and make you more and more cranky. Drinking enough water is also important, because water helps to bring more oxygen to your brain hence making you less sleepy and more focused.

3. Take advantage of inter-period breaks

After every period ends there got to be a small break where you can spend your time looking away from the monitor may it be walking outside the room-but not outside your apartment-stay inside please-or maybe do little stretches just to relaxes those muscles especially towards the neck where you spend your time staring at the screen. These breaks are also perfect to refill on your drinks to take into class. If you are brave enough you probably able to catch a power nap on the way to the next class just so you won’t feel overworked. If you got a roommate living with you, it might be a good idea to talk to them so you just won’t be stuck listening to people the whole day.

4. Take a bath before hand

It will definitely change the mood from the get-go to be more ready to join the classes. Just like breakfast is the most important meal of the day, setting your tones in the morning or whenever you start to wake up is important to start a chain reaction in which you would behave within the day. Other than that the reason why you might want to take a shower beforehand because summer in japan is coming and it would be uncomfortably hot and humid which would make your skin sticky, and itchy. Also, stay dressed properly even though it is online classes.

Those were a few tips that might be helpful to make your studying experience just a little more bearable, please attend your class properly and don’t just log into zoom and leave it halfway because you wouldn’t know what kind of important lesson you can take unless you stay and keep focused till the very end. 

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