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Job Hunting Tips for International Student

Writer: Nadira Annisa

In this article, APUINA collaborated with JPort Journal talk about the tips and tricks for job hunting in Japan for international students. In APU, most guidances are led in Japanese and might be confusing to some students, here JPort Journal gives you advice fully in English!

What is Job Hunting? After graduating from university, students are dawned with two choices between continuing their studies, or more likely to then find a job. In pursuing a career in Japan, the process might seem a little different from other students in other countries. The Shushoku Katsudou (Job Hunting Activity), or termed as Shukatsu for short, is the term used to describe a certain period of time that is set in advance by companies, government and academia. The process usually starts during the 3rd year for most students, in which they go to career seminars, company presentations. Following in their 4th year then applying and interviewing for jobs.

Job Hunting for International students As an international student, the job hunting process, or more commonly known as  就活(shukatsu) in Japanese, may seem like an unknown and also hard process. Hearing different kinds of information and opinions from your senpais and friends might cause you to be worried and leading you to be less interested in looking for a job in Japan. However, fear not because there are various kinds of guides from professionals to give you a hand in leading you to the right path for finding a job in Japan. One company and website that focuses on giving advice for international students is Jport Journal. In APU, most guidances are led in Japanese and might be confusing to some students, here Jport Journal gives you advice fully in English!

What is Jport Journal is a web media platform that aims to empower foreigners and global people on career and job hunting in Japan. We provide contents regarding job hunting in Japan (就活) as well as free career consultation service in English to help students build the perfect resume (履歴書) as well as practice their Japanese interview skills. Above all, we collaborate with international students as “Student Journalists” to create our contents and also provide assistance to develop not only their writing skills but also their knowledge regarding careers in Japan. Check out our page for more information and stay tuned for more contents to be provided at!

List of how-to’s from Jport Journal Below is a list of different kinds of articles that has been published by Jport Journal, on different helpful tips on Internships, Job hunting tips, and even scholarship tips.

1. Finding Internships in Japan?

2. Preparing for Job Hunting in Japan

3. Industries in Japan

4. Looking for Scholarships?

5. Job Hunting Book  In the link below you are able to find the complete guide on Job hunting in Japan in English. The guide book is free, and you just need to sign up and create an account to see the book!

Recruitment for Student Journalists

Jport is also currently recruiting for student journalists. They are looking for students living anywhere in Japan, to help provide the most compelling stories and useful information coming from real voices and experiences of people living here to help you live your life to the fullest and help guide you to build your career in Japan.  This is also a paid job with, 5000 Yen per Article / 1000 Yen per short Senpai's Advice Article if submitted, certified and published.  Click the link below to join:

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We hope that this has given you a good solution to find out more about job hunting in Japan. Even if you are currently still in your 2nd, 3rd or even 1st year, it's good to find out more information early on. Because it will give you time for more time to research, and better prepared when you have to start your own job hunting. Good Luck!

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