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The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Playlist

Updated: May 8, 2020

Writer: Eveline Stella Budiman | Illustrator: Safira Marini Wikantyasning

It is finally here – the time to have your love either be reciprocated or crushed to million pieces and the time to eat tons of chocolates rather than going to the gym simply because YOU DESERVE IT.

This Valentine's day, APU INA has assembled a playlist for an extremely valuable person in your life: you. We have put together songs that you may relate to whether you are basking in the light of new love, drowning in heartbreak, or rocking your "self-love" for this year's Valentine's day.

1. You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me – John Mayer

“It’s the only song that comes on and I get physically anxious… it’s so open and revealing.” True to his words, the song is hauntingly beautiful as it tells about how a person could forever be etched in the other half's mind, and even after their love has dissipated, the memory of their love remains untainted.

2. Adorn – Miguel

The song gives a picture of how gratifying it is to wear someone’s love like a medal. In an interview with Genius, Miguel stated, “Adorn is one of those powerful words that is barely used. But this idea of bestowing your love upon someone, kind of laying it on them, I don’t know, I just kind of like that.”

3. A Song About Being Sad – Rex Orange County

If you listen to the song once without truly understanding the meaning, the song’s vibe might come off as being negative. On a deeper note, the lyrics’ meaning could be interpreted as one being apathetic out of pain. He had loved the girl wholeheartedly, hoping that she would feel the same way when she actually didn’t may have caused him to resort to act like he was not even in love in the first place as a coping mechanism. So, in order to avert the focus on his heart constantly breaking, he decided on talking down on her.

4. Heavenly – Cigarettes After Sex

This song is perfect to be played when the room is quiet with only you and your thoughts that are present (plus your loved one, maybe). The band wrote the song Heavenly after hours of watching the beauty of the sunset in Latvia.

5. Break My Heart Again – FINNEAS

In an interview with Du Jour, FINNEAS shared that “the lyrics in the verses are basically verbatim text conversations I had with an ex-girlfriend. I thought it’d be cool to double illustrate that point so I added text and typing sounds to the production.” Through the lyrics, he shared how difficult it is to let go of someone that is very near and dear to one’s heart.

6. If – Bread

This song is excruciatingly beautiful as it tells about love at its purest form. It details on how a man is grateful for his lover’s existence, and the song tells on how he hopes for her to stay forever by his side.

7. La La Lost You – NIKI

Through the song, NIKI detailed on a lover who left her and their memories behind in Los Angeles for New York. This acoustic rendition of La La Lost You added a mellow touch to the already heart-breaking song. Furthermore, with its instrumentals stripped bare, the song's honest emotion was further highlighted.

8. Good as Hell – Lizzo

This song can be described as one of those songs that believes in you when you don’t. Lizzo has been a remedy for our need of self-love. Through her empowering songs, she helps her listeners to find the love we are told we do not deserve, when in reality we are all born worthy of.

Check out the full playlist by clicking the link below. Enjoy!

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