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Missin’ Beppu

Writers: Dara Ayu, Reinardus Darren | Illustrator: Azis Mulyana | Editor: Christoforus Reynaldo

It has been around 6 months since the last time we went on face-to-face classes. We surely missed the “normal” Beppu, and here are some throwbacks for you!

Akachouchin Mihara — or commonly known as Tamachan, is an izakaya in Beppu Kitahama. Owned by Tamako Mihara, a sweet edlerly woman, her restaurant is famous for the Tamagoyaki, a fried egg topped with various condiments such as tomato sauce and mayonnaise. This may sound like an ordinary meal, but be prepared for its uniquely soft texture and a melt-in your-mouth taste...

Unfortunately, the store had to be closed after 42 years of operation due to the owner’s health concerns. She thanked everyone for the support, and even though it was a sad decision. Maybe this is the time for other izakayas to shine!

Food Trucks and Stalls in APU — We definitely have missed the food truck-run in between classes, just to grab a quick meal. From the famous Usagi Totora with their Yangnyeom Chicken, the Cold-but-still-delicious Fried Chicken by Ai, to the deep fried Cheese Chicken near the cafeteria. Don’t forget to buy these foods when you’re back on campus!  

Gohankai and Uchiage After pouring all our hard work into group assignments, students usually celebrate the moment with a gohankaiI! They would go downtown together after classes, and find preferably an all-you-can-eat restaurant. Students go-to varies from having barbecues in Gyuraku, Chingu for Korean foods, or a rather fancier option would be Usagi Totora. We really hope those days will come back soon!

We have also been missing some memorable campus activities aside from mouthwatering foods!

Remember when students would rush out of the class even before it has ended? They were most probably trying to get ahead in lining up for the bus. That’s right, APU is probably well-known amongst its students for its long bus stop lines, where students would do their best in fighting against either the blazing hot summer sun-shine or the cold Beppu wind during Winter time! When it comes to the latter, some students would huddle up together in trying to seek the warmth as they patiently await their bus home, like our fellow APUINA members Dara and Kalyana below! 

For students who would prefer to be a little more comfortable and warm, worry not as APU’s cafeteria and library are just around the corner! Before campus activities were limited, many students would wait for their buses in the cafeteria while enjoying a variety selection of meals available to be purchased! Ranging from ramen to chicken steak, students are able to feast inexpensively with the addition of the spectacular view that can be seen from the cafeteria. Speaking of which, let’s not forget about APU’s Wave: the perfect spot to feast our eyes on the beautiful scenery of Beppu! Accompanied with the cool breeze and warm sun-shine, sitting at the wave in between classes during breaks can feel so relaxing, especially when the delicious food trucks we’ve mentioned before are just a few steps away. 

Before we bid our goodbyes, let’s not forget all the festivals, multicultural weeks, and other events that would not only offer a bit of a break from the often chaotic academic activities, but also new experiences and opportunities that can serve as student’s stepping stones. Sadly due to the current pandemic, most non-academic activities are either postponed or cancelled, leaving most students to wonder what their events could’ve been if the situation were different. The various shows and performances that would bring life to APU’s Millenium Hall, colorful multicultural parades in front of APU’s fountain, or the nerve-wrecking Global Business Case Challenge; they are surely the cherry on top to student’s four years in APU!

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