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Writer: Gabriella Risti Ayu | Illustrator: Marsha Susanna | Editor: Maria Josephine & Edsel Pragiwaka | Photographer: Impactional's Courtesy

Tatjana Syafira or known as Fira is an APS 1st year 2nd-semester student from Yogyakarta who is the founder of an international youth community called Impactional.

Founded in 2021, Impactional is working across borders under the purpose of achieving the blueprint of the SGDs and establishing a sense of multiculturalism through various educational initiatives focusing on culture, social issues, economic factors, and political matters from the eye of different instances around the world.

Thus, Impactional’s platform has been empowering and gathering global youths to share, learn, and attain multicultural understandings through a diversified environment.

Driven motive behind the establishment of Impactional

During her exchange program to the USA, she realized how lucky she was to receive the scholarship and encounter a very insightful international experience with hundreds of inspiring individuals from around the globe. After that, she was driven by the fact that millions of youths might not be as lucky to get a similar chance as her.

Thus, by bringing her ambition of equalizing education and achieving multicultural understanding, Impactional was born to deliver a platform for everyone regardless of their socioeconomic background, race, ethnicity, or gender.

“We believe a definition of “world peace” can be achieved if everyone has a sense of multiculturalism implanted in their knowledge.”

Activities Conducted in Impactional

During their first year of operation, Impactional has initiated an Ambassador Program which successfully gathered over 20 ambassadors, representing over 50 countries around the world. Their ambassadors are responsible for delivering their own countries' insights and understandings in various forms of content such as Instagram live, take over, forums and webinars.

Impactional also has another exciting program which is called Impact Q. It is an open discussion forum that aims to discuss issues that are trending in various parts of the globe.

And lastly is their own internal members' training program that has been successfully initiated by inviting lucrative guests from several well-known universities and companies around the world.

The impacts that have been brought to the community

“To lead people coming from around the globe, possessing with various different backgrounds is for sure a struggle for me. But at the end of the day, the results that we’re receiving from our ambitions paid off every bit of our travail.

We are pleased with the unexpected numbers of our audiences and DMs saying that Impactional has brought so much enlightenment and knowledge of different countries’ cultures that they have never seen before.Those are the reasons that keep us going to achieve more impacts.“

As from the side of our internal members, it is for sure a very heart-warming experience. They are also delighted with Impactional’s diversified working dynamics in a way that we can afford to function under the same value regardless of our different country of origin.”

When asked, “What is really behind your ambition? Any underlying value that always helps you to reach this point of your journey?”

She answers…

“Always think about what kind of person you want to be. Find your purpose. Find something that always excites your mind and body. And most importantly, a dream can never be realized without tangible action. Never underestimate every simple steps that you start, because it will eventually turn into big things that will generate your dream thus, make an impact on others.”

That concludes our insightful conversation about Fira's journey in realizing her ambition of equalizing education and achieving a sense of multiculturalism through Impactional. Indeed, multiculturalism can be very important in establishing a sense of inclusion in society, thus, the main goal of achieving a "world peace" can be realized.

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