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Written by Hania Humaira | Edited by Maria Joesphine & Edsel Pragiwaka | Design: Marsha Susanna

Salma Aziza, also known as Salma, is an APS third-semester student at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University. She is currently studying Environment and Development, which is also her biggest passion and interest. Interestingly, Salma is not just learning about the environment in class. As a youth, Salma actively participates in various activities to apply her knowledge to spread the importance of the environment for human life. She is eager to advocate her voice and channel her passion to Indonesian youths to expand their environmental awareness for a greener Indonesia.

Salma's Impactful Passion

"In my outlook, environmental education in Indonesia is left behind compared to other countries," she said. Thus, the low environmental awareness of Indonesian pupils motivated her to spread the importance of bringing climate solutions, primarily guiding what students could do as a small step to make a more significant impact. To actualize Salma's goal of heightening environmental awareness in Indonesia, she joined a prestigious and impactful non-governmental organization called Green Welfare Indonesia. Green Welfare Indonesia aims to bring practical climate solutions through food security, climate education, and sustainable agriculture. The organization conducted many ways to spread environmental awareness of Indonesian learners effectively.

Salma and Green Welfare Indonesia

Together with Green Welfare Indonesia, Salma contributed to participating in providing efficient climate solutions by organizing numerous informative webinar series and short courses on green economy and climate policy and planning. Through the webinar session and short course arranged by Salma and the organization, all Indonesian learners and participants gained insightful knowledge about the importance of implementing a green economy for a better future and how climate policy has a central role in ceasing any activities that jeopardize the environment.

Why Green Welfare Indonesia?

"Through Green Welfare Indonesia, not only channeling my passion for environmental rights and providing climate solutions, I get to know many inspiring environmental rights influencers. Also, I could collaborate with big NPOs in Indonesia, such as Greenpeace, Partai Hijau Indonesia, and Climate Reality. It is a golden opportunity to continue growing my knowledge and connecting with great individuals in order to achieve a better future for Indonesia." - Salma

Salma believed that participating in the organization brings benefits to many people and is a place for her to advocate her voice about the importance of environmental awareness. As an illustration, Salma with Green Welfare Indonesia arranged a mentorship session with Greenpeace, Partai Hijau Indonesia, and Climate Reality that is useful for Indonesian students to increase their environmental awareness and take action to contribute to the environment. Likewise, Salma also partakes in TEDx GreenWelfare as a curator. As a university student who actively participates in local NPO to spread the significance of environmental rights, Salma illustrates that taking immediate actions and creating initiatives within oneself is essential. It dedicates her to applying the knowledge learned in class and turning it into something useful to society.

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