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Innovations during limitations

Writer: Edsel Pragiwaka Adristi | Illustrator: Safira Marini W. | Editor: Christoforus Reynaldo

During these hard times, we need to look at the bright side of things and look for places where we can improve and innovate. Here are some creativities from Indonesian people who have done to embrace the new normal.

With the coronavirus still lingering everywhere all over the world, many countries have established a supposedly “new normal” condition where the citizens are allowed to do the things they normally do with some limitations. To promote these limitations, new rules were created that reinforced the integration between safety measures regarding COVID-19 and the lifestyle of the citizens. Now we will focus on the kind of “innovations” that have made it to the Indonesian public places like malls and supermarkets

Barcode system

When entering a public area or facility, it will give out a simple self-check whether we got the virus or not, regardless of the result, it will send it to a centralized server where then it would map out which places had been visited by whom, and will also keep a note if there has been a case in that place. The countries that have been known to use this system were China, Russia, and Hong Kong.

Putting X Marks

Putting markers on benches and tables may not be a new thing to some countries since it has been quite strictly regulated during these pandemic times. The slight difference is seen on elevators and escalators where they would put the x mark so people will practice social distancing. Despite the signs and warnings, people are still ignoring the danger of being exposed to the virus. Another "creative and innovative" way of embracing this new era is limiting the number of people present in one small place, for example, separating the tables and putting borders between them.

Foot pedals on an elevator

An elevator is a critical example of what to avoid during the outbreak. Through the button, it is believed that COVID-19 can infect another healthy human being. What the Indonesian did is installed foot pedals That functioned the same as a normal elevator button. They even have a hands free button for calling the elevator. We can safely assume If everyone is using this, the chance of contracting the virus is lowered because it reduces contact between people. Also, the elevator is limited to only four persons in an average-sized elevator.

Online delivery services

Indonesian online delivery services as of now are probably one of the most convenient services. Given that we can get items from point A to B no matter how small or complicated the route is. These online delivery services are popular with the food delivery service right at your front door. If you are afraid to pick up your food from the driver, you can add notes or simply message them to leave the package in front (don't forget to pay with online payment service though!). They also double wrapped the plastic container so the food is extra secure from the virus

Hopefully, with these innovations, the cases all over the world would be lower and make the world a much easier place to live in, because in these “new normal” we don’t want to live like this for so long for it to turn into “normal”. Please be careful and don’t forget to always wash your hands!

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