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Graduation Day: Class of Fall 2020

Writer: Christoforus Reynaldo | Photo: Kelvin's personal collection, APUINA collection | Illustrator: Azis Mulyana

Graduation ceremony was held on 18 September via Zoom due to a safety measure on covid-19 restrictions. Kelvin Tang, whose major is Environment and Development was the graduating class representative, and given the chance to deliver a valedictory. APUINA had a chance to do a small interview with Kelvin to know more about his journey in APU.

Do you remember your goals before you were enrolled in APU?

“My primary goal before enrolling at APU was to be selected to deliver the commencement speech at the graduation ceremony. I was disappointed that I couldn’t get the scholarship from APU that I hoped to receive. I was working very hard to prove that I’m capable and worth being granted the expected scholarship.”

After 4 years on APU, did you accomplish any of your goals (or make any new goals)?

“Yes, fortunately, I did. I was given the opportunity to deliver the commencement speech as the graduate representative of the class after becoming the recipient of the Ando Momofuku Honour Prize.”

What is your motivation to achieve your goals?

“The frustration and disappointment of failing to get the expected scholarship are what had pushed me to this point. It was very difficult for me to accept the fact at the beginning. Also, advice and encouragement from parents, senpais, and friends had a huge influence on my motivation.”

What is your plan after the graduation?

“Continue on graduate school for a master’s degree! My dream is to become a professor of environmental studies and the only way to achieve it is to keep studying up to Ph.D. level.”

Was there a memorable experience during your undergraduate study that you would like to share with us?

“I did RA for 2.5 years. I spent almost all of my undergraduate year in AP House. Having the opportunity to take care of and live with a number of residents from all around the world is one of the most memorable experiences I have at APU.”

To your kouhai’s, could you tell us how to make the most of 4 years in APU?

“Get out of your comfort zone! Don’t only hang out with your fellow countrymen or countrywomen! The meaning of coming to APU will fade away. Please try to join student organizations and/or circles, work as TA, PA, RA, tutor, etc.”

To our senpai, graduates of fall 2020. A week ago, the life as a university student was over for some of us and a new chapter of life has begun. Some will continue their study, and some will continue to live and work in Japan or adapting to a new environment. We wish you the best of luck and let us see each other again at the top!

Congratulations on your graduations!


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