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Goodbye Cash, Hello Cashless

Writer: Rara Ichsan | Illustrator: Safira Marini

Did you know that Japan recently raises its tax to 10%? As the new era of Japan

started – 令和 or Rei Wa, meaning fortunate harmony – and so is the way of their lives are

changing. Japan itself has been known for being a cash-oriented society where other forms

of money such as debit cards, credit cards, etc. are not as commonly used as cash. With the

government urging people to change their habits to be a cashless society, these are few

applications that work as a form of online payment!


One of the earliest online wallet platform in Japan, and a joint venture by Paytm with Softbank and Yahoo! Japan. The application will connect directly to your

bank account and you can easily put your desired amount of money into the online wallet

application. when compared to other online wallet applications, this application is also used in

more shops nowadays than others. Another feature to highlight about PayPay is that you can

also transfer money to your friends’ accounts through their PayPay IDs or phone number.


LINE itself is not an unknown name in our ears as it is one of the most frequently used

messaging app in Japan. Following the trend to be a cashless society, LINE then created a

digital wallet that can make payments for services or in shops conveniently and it’s also one

of the popular online payment applications next to PayPay. What’s more interesting, you

can easily pay your bills through the app by scanning the bar-code on the bills. So, when it's

time for you to pay your bills, you don't even have to break a sweat as paying your bills is now

one click away!


AliPay - established by Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd. - is one of the most popular payment

applications in Japan. Originating in China, AliPay mainly targets Chinese tourists in Japan.

AliPay, along with PayPay, are the apps that can be used in a wider range of shops in Japan,

so it’s easier to find shops that you can pay through them. 

Now that you know what apps are available, you can easily choose either one. With these

online wallet applications in hand, it's time to say goodbye to carrying papers and coins, and say hello to the cashless society!

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