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Finding Your True Calling On Landing A Job

Writer: Shafira Zhulia Karim | Photo: Ardisa's personal collection | Illustrator: Kinar Nisa | Editor: Kinar Nisa

Making the copies for digital activations, creating a storyboard for video contents, and brainstorming to prepare for a pitching to acquire new clients. Those are some of the responsibilities of a copywriter, which is what our very own senpai, Disa, is pursuing her career now.

Ardisa Cahyaningtyas Pradhita, or more familiarly known as Disa, is an alumni of APUINA batch 32. Born on 26th June 1997, She is a happy-go-lucky cancer with an interest in astrology and nowadays, she likes to find small parks and have picnics by the lake with her friends near her residency area in Bintaro. She graduated back in September 2019 with a Bachelor of Business Administration specialized in Strategic Management and Organization. Since then, she has been working in several different industries, before landing on her true calling on her current job, which is a copywriter in one of the most prestigious Japanese digital advertising companies, Hakuhodo Digital. Her job-searching process of landing a job in the advertising agency was not an easy journey, and hence, APUINA decided to interview her in order to gain a deeper understanding of her experience.

S: What are you currently doing?

D: I am a copywriter at a Japanese digital advertising company called Hakuhodo Digital. I have been working since the beginning of this year and I am making most of my time here learning and contributing my ideas. For those who are not familiar, copywriting is some sort of writing technique which involves making a piece of writing that is catchy but also can sell to customers.

S: Why do you choose to be a copywriter?

D: I choose this career path because I simply love to write. Even though I majored in Business, the only one thing that I never left since I was a child is writing, and I participated in numerous events of poem contests. Because I have such an immense interest in writing, I once published a book of poetry called Dialog Perempuan di Bulan Juni back when I was still a university student, which was based on my personal experiences. In addition, I also have the experience of interning in the national publication, which is Jakarta Post.

From there, I thought to myself about considering to pursue this professional career path as a copywriter. Maybe some of you might think that copywriting has no relation to my business major, however, because I also learn about marketing, I understand the aspects of creating something that can engage the customer. Thus, combining with my prior knowledge, I can then turn my passion into this creative piece of copywriting which can sell to the audience.

S: Is there any specific value in this industry that you like?

D: I like the dynamicity of this industry, as it is very fast-paced and the flow of information keeps changing. Also, I am given the space for exploring my creativity. This acts as the freedom as I am not bound by strict rules, and whenever and wherever, I could actually hone my skill and interest in writing, and pour it into my daily tasks. I am able to share my ideas to everyone in the team and actually have the privilege of being heard.

S: How was the process of finding a job that suits you? Did you face any difficulties?

D: It was not an easy process. There were some episodes where I felt lost and confused about what I wanted to be, and because I was not as mature as I am now, I tried every opportunity that was faced before me.

I applied to a lot of companies in several different industries which eventually led me to a job in a bank. It was a brief experience because it did not match with my personality and I was not sure of my role in the company. However, at that time I kind of forced myself to work there for the sake of landing a job faster, but did not consider what I actually wanted in my career.

From the experience, I realized that I should think inwards of what I really desire from a career, and hence, I traced back to my old hobby of writing. Thankfully, I am now working happily as a Copywriter in this advertising industry which I like. Even though the day-to-day tasks may not be easy, I finally have a job that I can cherish.

Again, the experience of job hunting differs to other people. Some may found their way fast, and some may go through hardships, so you should never compare it with anyone else. What matters is you keep progressing.

S: What value do you seek for a suitable career?

D: For me, the most important value is Self-Development. It can be something which I will not get tired of and will always pursue for the future. Also, it needs to be something that has lots of chances as well, so I do not want to be stuck in the same position and want to learn even more. Because of this, I do have the considerations to explore other related fields, and in this case, it is within the creative agency. I could be a planner, or even an art director. All is done in pursuance of my self-development in order to be more skillful in my field.

For me, to work in a professional scope that can help me to rise on my career ladder, I would choose for a job that is matched with my hobby, and in this case, it is writing. However, because I realized that I cannot rely fully on my main income, I decided to open a business because I felt the need to create something that is sustainable and long-lasting for my future. Hence, that is the reason for me to own a vegetable supplier business in Cipanas, West Java and I am trying to utilize it and turn it into profit. And that is the job which can be related to my major.

S: Is there any message that you want to highlight?

D: For working, you would want to create a masterpiece and leave a mark in this world. That is why, what I want to share is that do not rush yourself on finding a job for the sake of getting the assurance of being employed. The true value is you must find out on what you want to achieve from your first job. 

If it was about how fast you can land a job, it would be as simple to spread your CV with a promising content to any industry, and by only saying that you want to learn more, it is very likely that you would actually get the job. Do not just apply to anything, but think about the vision and mission that you want to create for your future.

There is no benchmark of adulting that you have to achieve certain things at a certain age, because it is just an illusion. Start to ask the questions of what are your visions and missions in this life that you can relate to your job, instead of just merely wanting to get a job fast.

As Disa said, do not compare your experience with other people because you are on your own journey on finding your own calling. Stick to your vision and mission of life, and implement them on the job you shall pursue. Only by then, you can understand your purpose and you will know what mark you will leave on the world and how to do it. Trust you own process and you will flourish.

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