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The New Faces of APUINA

Writer: Nadira Annisa

Photographer: Adianto Tanata

Ketua dan Wakil Ketua APUINA 2018/2019

What is APUINA?

In a university like Asia Pacific University, where half of the student body is studying in a place far from their homes, the closest thing they can find familiarity with is students of the same nationality. With APU as the place where around 400 Indonesian students’ study in Japan, a new place they call home is now the Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Indonesian Student Society - more commonly referred as APUINA. Recently, a new leader and members have been chosen for the organization. Zena Fadilla as leader and Aero Aribowo as vice leader for the 2019-2020 term, with 51 new members in charge of the organization that varies from first years to third year students.

With these newly formed members, Zena and Aero hope that APUINA can become place that gives an opportunity for students to build on their potentials. The new leaders also hope that the organization can become a place that provides information to students - especially Indonesian students, on academic and non-academic opportunities in APU. “The deciding factor of a successful organization does not lie only on the leaders, but the participation of its members and community,” said newly elected vice leader Aero.

What do we provide in APUINA?

Similar with previous terms, the organization has 8 divisions, each division for different purposes to achieve the goals mentioned above. The external division is in charge of connecting the organization and becoming the bridge with outside parties such as Student office, Admission Office, Oita-Indonesia Friendship Association, Indonesian Student Association in Japan (PPIJ), and even the Indonesian Embassy in Tokyo. Meanwhile, the Internal division is in charge of creating events and helping new students to get to know other Indonesian students and get used to life in Beppu, by creating events such as Shopping guidance tour and many more.

A place for students to learn and develop themselves

For students interested in Indonesian arts, APUINA has an Arts and Culture division that provides the opportunity for students to learn and dive deep into Indonesian dances, music, and arts. The organization also has an education division, that caters to further support students on the education aspect, through giving information on internships and scholarships, giving advices to freshman for their classes, and many more.

Bringing information into the world

APUINA also has two divisions that work on the media sector. Firstly being APUINATV, that’s in charge of APUINA’s own YouTube channel, and focuses on presenting APU and Beppu life through different unique programs and documenting events done by APUINA through video format. Meanwhile, the Media and Press division is in charge of managing APUINA’s official social media accounts, magazine and journalism.

Different kinds of activities

Furthermore, APUINA also has the Sports division that creates different kinds of sport activities and events for students to maintain their health and stay refreshed in between their busy schedules. Some activities include futsal tournaments or Zumba classes. Last but not least, APUINA has the Inventory division, which is in charge of organizing APUINA’s different assets such as traditional costumes, makeup, music, and many more. APUINA’s inventory is also the second largest Indonesian inventory in Japan, after the Indonesian embassy.

What’s new in 2018-2019?

In this new term, Zena and Aero aim to bring some changes to the organization that would enhance and help students in the community. One of the main goals include becoming more inclusive to international students in APU for our events. During this term, APUINA will try to open its wings wider, by not only providing information for Indonesian people, but also strive to provide information for International students in APU. Asides that, APUINA would like to create an archive which contains useful guidelines for CV, scholarships, etc. where our kouhais can access and use it as a source to improve their individual skills.

Some changes to bring this year

This year, both APUINA’s media divisions are planning to create contents completely in English, with hopes of spreading information to a wider audience. The YouTube channel managed by APUINATV will have videos in English, as will with it’s articles.

In addition to that, continuing what last year’s cabinet has done, APUINA will try to create inclusive traditional dance classes for international students. “I believe this opportunity will give a chance for international students that have great interest in Indonesian culture outside of Indonesian week, to learn deeper about Indonesian culture,” According to the new leader Zena.

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