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Writer: Dara Ayu | Illustrator: Safira Marini | Editor: Christoforus Reynaldo

There is now a rising urgency to take part in one of the biggest global challenges: the climate crisis. And yes, it can oftentimes feel quite overwhelming; perhaps to the point where our actions as individuals are seemingly never enough. On top of that with the coronavirus pandemic going on, our actions are now confined within the four walls of our homes; the perfect cherry on top! Or is it? Before you go sulking in the corner, isn’t now the perfect time to go beyond and actually make an impactful difference in our daily lives? Still not catching on? Don’t worry, just keep on reading because we’ve got you covered!


There are so many things that we have overlooked in our own homes when it comes to living sustainably. Been feeling bored during the pandemic? Then perhaps our list can help get you back on your feet!

1)  Get on that home-gardening trend-wagon

Remember one of our latest articles about plant-parenting? You might want to go back and fully immerse yourself in it because the Earth will surely thank you! Not only do home gardens provide easy day-to-day access to a variety of fresh and nutritious food for your household, but they can also help in preserving indigenous knowledge and uplifting societies. Through the selection of local plants and virtual interactions with other home gardeners, this trend-wagon is definitely worth trying!

2)  Upcycle your furniture: Turn your trash into treasure

Starting to get bored looking at your old furniture? Stop right there before you even think of ordering some new ones online! Perhaps all you need is a quick wallpaper and paint makeover that can literally fit any nook and décor style! Or maybe you have some scrap wooden planks and ladder? Why not turn it into a clothing rack! It will definitely save you some money rather than buying it off of IKEA. An even simpler idea, why not turn your empty drink bottles into plant pots? That way you can also try our first idea!

3)  It’s time to say goodbye to plastic

Plastic products are very common in our modern life, but it can take up to 1000 years to decompose in landfills. Time to say hello to cassava bags and their buddies! They are as affordable as plastic bags (only costs Rp. 65,000 on e-commerce) and who hasn’t heard of plastic, bamboo, or aluminum straws? Don’t forget to change your toothbrush and other household goods to much more eco-friendly alternatives. For our beauty product lovers APUINAs out there, there are various green beauty products already available on the market now! Ranging from reusable cotton pads for your daily skincare products to organic cotton tampons for a non-toxic period, nowadays it is much easier to bid your goodbyes to plastic!

4)  Still can’t get over plastic? Your nearest garbage bank got you covered!

There are just some plastic products that we all still couldn’t resist, and before you start feeling down about it; if you’re living in Indonesia, there are various waste management services and trash banks that might just be your next eco-friendly best friend! All you have to do before going to one is to start sorting your household waste. Once you’re settled with that, contact your nearest waste management service center and arrange a pick-up service for your sorted waste. This is amazing for your cosmetic packaging as it is mostly made out of disposable plastic. These service centers help recycle your household waste and mitigate our local landfills from going over their carrying capacity.

5)  Research, research, and research!

We could just go on and on, but each person’s transformation differs from one another; therefore, perhaps the ones on our list might not suit your current household situation. Don’t get discouraged just yet, as there are thousands of blogs and articles out there on the internet ready to help you start this sustainable living journey!

Living sustainably is just one step in becoming a responsible global citizen and going hand-in-hand to fight the climate crisis. Our individual acts might feel like nothing at first, but as we all start to build a sustainable community with the people around us; the changes that we’ve dreamed of might soon become a reality.  

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