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Writer: Eveline Stella Budiman | Illustrator: Carina Audrey Budiarto | Editor: Athaya Hardono

We are just a few days away from our much-awaited independence day, and what's even better is the fact that summer break is here! Whether you are trying to build up the momentum for our nation's big day, or just looking for some sort of entertainment to fill in your holiday, Indonesian movies are the way to go. In this article, our team has curated 5 Indonesian movies for you to laugh, cry, scream — and most definitely — to binge to!

Laskar Pelangi (The Rainbow Troops)

Made entirely based on a bestselling book upholding the same title, Laskar Pelangi depicts the life struggles of young students pursuing both education and dreams that are way bigger than their hometown. Set in Belitung, a remote island in Sumatra, the movie offers its audience a heart-warming coming-of-age plot while also hinting the presence of social issues like poverty and corruption amidst their seemingly-simple everyday life. The success of both the book and movie gave rise to the tourism sector in Belitung — making it one of Indonesia's most sought-out tourist destination with its pristine beaches and beautiful resorts.


Yet another brilliant movie that is adapted from a novel with the same title, 5cm tells the journey of five friends embarking on a mission to climb Mount Semeru, the highest and the most active volcano in Java. Packed with comedy, romance, and drama, this movie sheds light on how the friend group rediscover the true meaning of their friendship.

Cek Toko Sebelah (Check the Store Next Door)

The movie centers on the life of Koh Afuk, the owner of the family's humble shop, and his family. All is well until the patriarch falls ill and the youngest son, who was about to get promoted to work overseas, has to inherit the mom-and-pop store. This film brings a heart-warming slice-of-life story that is filled to the brim with both elements of comedy, love, and most important of all, family.

Keluarga Cemara (Cemara's Family)

By now, you may have probably figured out our love for family-centered movies. Keluarga Cemara portrays the struggles that Abah, Emak, and their two daughters have to face as they move from the concrete jungle of Jakarta, to a humble village in Java following the family's bankruptcy. As expected from family films, this movie does not only include a beautiful plot and great humour, but also life lessons for you to learn from.

Susi Susanti — Love All

Still feeling the lingering hype from our women's doubles gold medal win? Worry not, because we have just the perfect movie for you! True to its name, this movie sheds light on the life of Susi Susanti, the nation's first Olympic gold medalist. Aside from covering her most glorious moments throughout the Olympic, this movie also explores the lesser-known, and more intimate parts of Susi Susanti's life. The movie is filled with so many emotions that will have you laughing, crying, and probably screaming at your screen with its rollercoaster-like plot.

The foregoing movie recommendations merely cover a small part of the so many award-winning films that our nation has produced. Do check out our 5 must-watch movie recommendations and let us know what you think!

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