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#40: Get to Know APUINA

Writer: Ken Fajriansyah Firdaus

September 20, 2019, where a new journey by the freshmen in APU started. Every year, lots of Indonesian students come to APU, and APUINA is here to welcome them. What are their first impressions of APUINA? We have interviewed 2 people from our newest 40th batch, Ameera, and Daffa. Let’s get started!

First impression about APUINA? “I know APUINA since the shopping guidance. I feel that the events that APUINA made are very effective and helpful for starting my life here in APU, because they provided me with a lot of useful information.”

How was shopping guidance? “It was really good and useful. I mean we don’t know about anything in Beppu before coming here, so we’re really glad that they took us around the city and introduced us to the stores. Through shopping guidance we can know how to use the bus ticket, transportation in Beppu, recommended restaurants, and supermarkets. We can also ask our senpais about things that we don’t know yet, and the plus point is that we can ask it in our language!”

Did APUINA Education team simplify academic matters? “At first, I thought this introduction for the academic system will be the same as what FLAG has introduced before, but it was actually different. In this introduction, our senpais told us about the exchange program, how to get good classes, and tips & tricks for course registration. Lastly, they told us about how to join a good circle in APU which is a very useful information for me .”

What about the batch introduction was it fun? “Batch introduction was entertaining. We can get to know another batch very well, from playing games. Compared to the shopping guidance, more people came and we can share our first impression about APU to senpais, and ask more privately with them.”

Knowing APUINA is a positive thing for Indonesian students in APU, it teaches new experiences to inspire them what to do. So, do not be shy to join us in upcoming events and we’ll be seeing from you soon!

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