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#39: New Beginnings

Writer: Ken Fajriansyah Firdaus Photographer: Reinardus Darren

April 1, 2019, marks the beginning of our freshmen's journey in APU. Throughout the years, APUINA has been welcoming a total of 39 batches of new students coming from different parts of Indonesia. We are ecstatic to welcome the 39th batch and watch them unravel into remarkable representatives of our nation, Indonesia. A week has passed and their journey in APU has officially started. We have interviewed 2 of our newcomers, Cynthia and Claudio. Let’s see what some of them have to say about APU!

First impressions of APU? “Through what I have seen and heard about APU, I had an impression that APU was huge. I was simply attracted to the fact that I’ll be spending my days surrounded by enormous buildings and a beautiful view. By the time I arrived here, however, size is no longer my number one priority. I simply fell in love with the place as I enjoy the city and ocean view from here. I also love the serenity here as it motivates me to focus on my studies.”

Why did you choose APU? “My sister is an APU graduate. Thus, I decided to also follow her steps,” Cynthia stated. “I was inspired by her stories in APU as she was able to learn new things through the campus and that it had shaped her into the wonderful person she is now”. Claudio added, “I am interested in Tourism and Hospitality. APU offers me the learning path that I have always been interested in, thus leading me to enroll at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University.”

What are your expectations from APU? “Through APU, I hope to make a lot of new friends throughout my days at the campus. I want to be friends with people coming from different cultural backgrounds. I also want to improve my Japanese skill as learning a new language is going to be beneficial for me in the future. Before I came to Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, one of APU’s representatives came to Indonesia and told us about how APU is a truly diverse environment and introduced me to Tourism and Hospitality – a major that I favored. I hope to be able to deepen my knowledge about my major as well.”

Did you experience a culture shock? “Yes, a lot, actually. The first time I went to the convenience store, I came to break down the large notes to several ¥1,000 notes and coins. Back in my country, we were able to do that wherever we want. In Japan, however, I couldn’t do that so it was one of my first cultural shock moments. Other culture shock moments include the fact that we have to throw our garbage to separate trash bags and how it is illegal to take a picture of a stranger without their permission and posting it on social media. I have always known that Japan has a reputation for cleanliness and I am happy to have finally witnessed this fact with my own eyes. The streets are spotless!”

Flying all the way to a new country for a whole new journey may cause you to feel a little bit of anxiousness as well as excitement, and we are here to tell you that we have your backs! Get to know your learning environment and get involved in clubs or communities here in APU. Don’t shy away from all the opportunities that APU offers you. Your arrival at APU marks a new chapter in your life. Although there will always be obstacles along the way, keep your heads up and remember what you came here for. Don’t shy away from the great challenges as those are the things that help you grow. We wish you a successful future ahead!

Welcome to Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University!

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